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Our vision is for a comprehensive, fair and lasting solution that encompasses:

  • Providing sanctuary to all our former interpreters and their families in the UK. To be welcomed, recognised, honoured and fully integrated into UK society

  • To enable former interpreters to thrive in their post-service lives in Afghanistan or the UK

The Sulha Alliance responds to the injustices and challenges faced by Afghan former interpreters

  • many interpreters and other local staff are still left behind in Afghanistan, in limbo waiting for the processing of their resettlement application under the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy (ARAP), or excluded from the resettlement policy based on unfair eligibility criteria

  • many interpreters who fled Afghanistan are stuck for months in third countries, such as Pakistan, without clear prospect or instructions

  • some interpreters who have been resettled to the UK are still separated from their spouses and children and many have received rejections for family reunion applications with other family members who are under threat

  • interpreters who have settled in the UK have limited access to appropriate social, integration and mental health support

Read also our Written Evidence to the Defence Select Committee on the Withdrawal from Afghanistan (October 2021).