The policy reports below highlight the threats faced by Locally Employed Civilians.

The 2018 Defence Select Committee report following the Enquiry on Locally Employed Civilians with evidence from Colonel (Retired) Simon Diggins OBE and Dr. Sara de Jong.

Section 5.4 'Persons associated with international military forces, including interpreters' of this 2020 Country Police Note highlights the targetted attacks on LECs.

Section 3 'Individuals working for foreign military troops or perceived as supporting them' highlights that personnel working for foreign military troops, in particular interpreters and security guards are seen as a top priority target by the Taliban.

Section A. Risk Profiles 'Individuals Associated with, or Perceived as Supportive of, the Government and the International Community, Including the International Military Forces' highlights that Civilians Associated with or Perceived as Supportive of the International Military Forces have been threatened and attacked by Anti-Government Elements.